Risk Management

Let GPS (Bunkers) manage your price Risk. With a proper hedging program, when others fuel cost goes up, yours won’t!!!

Our Risk Management team can provide innovative hedging solutions to manage your risk and exposure in volatile fuel price. We can design customize hedging strategies as per your annual plan and budget. Our clients can use these tools to control their position on future prices. This will help our clients to keep them one step ahead from competitors and manage their exposure in highly volatile and risky market.

Risk management solutions include Fixed price contract (FFP), traditional paper swaps formula pricing and more.

Contact us at [email protected] or call +971 92235249 for any future inquiry on above.

Sustainable Growth

To achieve long-term success and controlled growth, we rely on a healthy mix of risk across the teams.

We have benchmarked the ambitious growth targets of our corporate strategy without neglecting sustainability aspects.

We present a comprehensive outlook of our contribution to the sustainability. We very stringently adhere to the government regulations and industry operational benchmark which is being applied globally and invests in the local infrastructure and the places that require specific attention.

GPS – Bunkers recognizes and has embraced the importance of taking the long view. Our business model, strategies and growth plans are driven by a clear vision of the role we aspire to play in creating energy for a better world.

Supplier & Customer Relations

We treat our suppliers with integrity and maintain a productive relationship with everyone involved in the business processes, and strive to establish long-term cooperative partnerships.

At our sites we also place great importance on safe working procedures for employees from sub-contractors.

We believe that we can make a difference by looking at opportunities across our business, encouraging a mindset of creativity and innovation, and inspiring our own employees to take everyday actions.