Health, Safety, Security & Environmental

We are asserting the primary importance of safe, healthy working conditions. Safeguarding Health, Safety, Security and Environmental protection are priorities for us.

We believe a safe and healthy work environment is a basic human right GPS- Bunkers is committed in its operational activities to compliance and adhere to the national and international health and safety standards.

In our HSSE Policy, we commit to preventing all accidents, injuries and occupational illness, and to protect the environment. We therefore continually optimize our operational activities with a view to technical, organizational and behavior-based safety and promote a proactive safety culture.

We are meeting these commitments through strong governance at group and operating levels. We are strengthening our assurance and formalizing our processes.
Transporting petroleum products in any of its forms by ship always includes the potential risk of accidental product releases and subsequent environmental damage.

Special attention has to be given to the quality of the chartered ships with regard to various acceptance criteria.

A further central point of our effort to conduct our business activities in a safe, healthy and environment-friendly manner is the training and education of our employees. New employees as well as visitors are instructed in matters of HSSE before taking up their work or their visit.