Environmental Protection

We prioritize the protection of the environment in all our business activities. There is the high potential risk of spillage during the course of storage and transportation of the petroleum products. Considering this as the core responsibility, our standard preventive safety measure has the high tendency to reduce this risk significantly.

According to the HSSE Policy, we are committed to making effective use of energy and its resources. We also promote timely the environmental awareness of employees in order to minimize the frequency of these harmful effects.

We emphasize on continuous improvement for our long-term environmental, social and economic performance that requires an evolution of our business which is often beyond our current capabilities.

We are also committed to minimize our environmental output. These Environmental issues are therefore an integral part of the HSSE management system across the company and we thoroughly emulate the company HSSE Policy which we benchmarked based on international standards.

During the cases of emergency we instantly develop the rapid and effective response to tackle the situations when they occur.